Welcome to biglohiphop.com, the cyber home of Florida emcee/producer extraordinaire Big Lo.

Please take a moment to browse the site, check the music and videos, and if you're interested in booking Big Lo or have a media Inquiry use the form on the contact page. If you're a fan of Big Lo's music join the mailing list on the sidebar, purchase some joints from the store, or check out the upcoming shows to see if he'll be in your city. If you don't see Big Lo scheduled to come to your city kidnap your local hip-hop promoter and hold him at ransom until he books Big Lo. When collected, the ransom should be split 50/50 with Big Lo. All joking aside, please demand that your local hip-hop promoters and venues book Big Lo! PEACE...is for Buddhists.

Big Lo "Umbrellas & Green Olives" - Available Worldwide Spring 2015...

Big Lo "Magnum Opiates" - Available Worldwide via cdbaby, iTunes, amazon...



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big lo vs dj a to the l "The Dartboard" (Click cover for free d/L)